Former Salisbury Mall could be new site for animal adoptions

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Rowan County Commissioner Craig Pierce has told WBTV that commissioners are currently working with a group that would stage animal adoption events in the former Salisbury Mall.

The adoptions would be part of a process Pierce hopes will lead to the county greatly reducing the use of gas chambers to euthanize unwanted animals now.

The mall, now known as the "West End Plaza," was purchased by Rowan County in December.

Pierce told WBTV that the shopping center's common areas could be an ideal place for families to come and adopt the animals now living at the Rowan County Animal Shelter.

"They can go right there," Pierce told WBTV.  "Make the adoption right there on site.  It gives them a more pleasant atmosphere for people to come see the dogs and cats, and it also, being that those pets are already spayed and neutered when they pay their adoption fee, they're done."

Pierce said that it is his hope that the Rowan Animal Shelter will become a "no-kill" facility.  Technically, that does not mean that animals are never put down,  In fact, they are.

Pierce pointed out such cases where the animals are either too sick to be adopted out, or too vicious to be handled by shelter workers.

Pierce is hopeful though that in the future the gas chamber will be replaced with euthanization by lethal injection.