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Wednesday at 11: Does a sex offender live near your child's bus stop?

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What would you do if you found out a sex offender lived near your child's bus stop?

The Charlotte Mecklenburg school (CMS) district has nearly 21,000 bus stops. And there are more than 800 sex offenders living in Mecklenburg county. 

They all live near a bus stop.

This year CMS has had complaints about sex offenders living too close to the bus stops.

CMS had no idea because the district doesn't check where sex offenders live before deciding bus stops.

Some parents were very surprised by that and think that practice should be changed.

February is the month CMS will decide bus stops for next school year.

And that decision could be a dangerous one.

Tonight we're asking CMS officials why they don't check sex offenders first before deciding a bus stop.

And we're asking what parents should do if they feel uncomfortable about sex offenders living near the bus stop.

We are also showing how parents can check for themselves to find out how many sex offenders are just a walk from a school bus stop.

We will have the answers Wednesday night at 11.

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