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Battle over school boundaries heats up in Union County

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The battle over new school boundaries in Union County is intensifying. We've already seen large crowds full of outraged parents. And Tuesday the board of education could face more opposition as it holds a meeting at Marvin Ridge High School.

School bus routes could look very different next year. The Union County Board of Education released proposed reassignment maps last month and parents are more than just concerned.

"I'm disappointed and I'm flabbergasted at some of the ways we're trying to come up with the arguments for our own side, protect our own," said Julie Brown.

Julie Brown has three kids. Her middle is a senior at Weddington High and her youngest is an 8th grader at Weddington Middle School.

"She is a rising 9th grader was originally slated to be a Weddington High School student but at this point of the plan of the redistricting she could end up at Sun Valley," said Brown.

In Union County there has been plenty of construction. Brown said people are attracted to Union County because of the good schools and the low taxes.

"You've done your part to build a community and because of a lack of planning, a lack of leadership or understanding or lack of acceptance of the realities of growth then we've come to this point," said Brown.

The Union County school district has shown signs of compromising by introducing ideas like allowing students to remain at the same school until they graduate to either middle or high school.

This would eliminate moving students in the middle of their elementary, middle and high school careers. The board of education's meeting at Marvin Ridge High School Tuesday night might be just as contentious as the last few. Brown said she hopes parents don't continue to degrade one another.

"Let's face it the kids are the ones on the front lines," said Brown, "The kids are the ones that are in the school and are talking to their friends and trying to figure this out and how it impacts them."

The district will make a decision by April.

Parents have also been voicing their concerns to the county board of commissioners. They are expected to go to Monday's meeting as well.

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