Super stinker

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

With the Super Seattle rout of Denver in the NFL history books, aren't you glad you didn't own the jewelry store in Birmingham, Alabama who offered customers a cash refund on purchases if the first score of the game was a safety? That cost the store roughly $70,000.

Tonight on WBTV News at 5:00, charges against a Rock Hill father whose infant daughter suffocated while sleeping in the same bed. Police say the father was drunk and high on drugs. Our reporter Ashton Pellom is looking into the story and will tell us why it's taken two months to bring charges.

We're also at the Union County courthouse where Dorian Harper had another appearance. Harper is accused of handcuffing a boy to his porch and tying a dead chicken around his neck. Reporter Pamela Escobar tells us Harper's girlfriend Wanda Sue Larsen is expected in court tomorrow.

Rain this morning and near 70-degrees the past two days. But our roller coaster week is far from over. Eric Thomas says get ready for very changeable conditions over the next few days.

Please join Eric, Maureen O'Boyle and me for WBTV News at 5:00 in just a few minutes!