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AFFIDAVIT: Man was drunk, high when 3-month-old suffocated


A Rock Hill man has been charged after he was reportedly drunk and high when his 3-month-old daughter suffocated in the bed next to him.

According to a Rock Hill Police report, the incident happened in early December in an apartment along the 800-block of South York Avenue.

A woman came home to find her young daughter laying on the bed with the baby's father, 25-year-old Samuel Lee White, according to the report.

She told police that when she leaned in to kiss the baby she noticed that the young girl was not breathing and cold to the touch.  She reportedly screamed and attempted to wake White.

The baby was rushed to the hospital and the woman and White were questioned by police.

White told officers that he fed the baby a bottle of milk, changed her diaper and laid on the bed with her and they fell asleep.

While the couple was being questioned, doctors came in and said the baby had died from her injuries.

According to the report, White reportedly began to state that he "did not want to live anymore" and began to punch the wall.  He began to bang his head repeatedly on the floor after he was taken into protective custody and handcuffed.

Officers took a blood and urine sample for testing and then gave him a sedative.

He was later arrested and charged with homicide by child neglect after tests indicated that he was "grossly intoxicated on alcohol and marijuana.

James straight lived right next door to White and says the death of the baby has shaken the apartment complex.

"He was a pretty nice guy. I didn't think he would do anything like that."

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