One man, three screens, three phones

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, they knew it would be busy today.

After the deep freeze, came the warm-up, and that's when frozen pipes can become broken pipes.

"We have everyone in today and they're happy to be here because they just want to help the community," said Jason Pachin.

Pachin is a dispatcher for three businesses, a plumbing firm, and electrician, and an HVAC company.  He runs the routes and crews from one desk where he uses three computer screens and has three phones ringing all at the same time.

"We want every customer who calls to be seen today so we make sure we get to everyone," he said.

He didn't have an estimate on how many plumbing jobs his crews would respond to when we talked to him in the early afternoon today.

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