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Winter weather to blame for drop in blood donations

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Most of the roads are clear and drivable now, but the snow and ice kept many people indoors for the last couple of days.  And as a result the American Red Cross said blood donations dropped significantly and it says the need it urgent.

Ponpasert Vonguilay was a first time blood donor Friday in Charlotte at the American Red Cross Donation Center.

"The most important thing is we help others that needs help," said Vonguilay.

Vonguilay's nickname is Olee.  She said she always wanted to give.

"Plus my birthday is coming up so I just think I would want to do something special for myself and for others," said Vonguilay.

The American Red Cross said each donation could save three people's lives.

And once Vonguilay learned that she said, "From now on I'm just going to keep on doing it."

The American Red Cross said it needs more people like Olee to fill these chairs because of the weather.

"We lost dozens of blood drives since Tuesday resulting in a shortfall of about 2000 units," said American Red Cross spokesperson, Kara Lusk Dudley.

Lusk Dudley said that's just ten percent of what the entire country lost in blood donations.

"We've got to donate so that blood will be on the shelves when you or someone you know needs it," said Lusk Dudley.

And Olee said donating was easy.

"For people that are not scared of the blood, you can do it cause I can do it," said Vonguilay.

And you can help meet the critical need. You can find a donation center or blood drive to go to this weekend, online at or call 1800-redcross, 800-733-2767.

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