Set a murderer free?

A young man sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison could one day go free because of a recent supreme court ruling. Montrez Williams confessed and was convicted of a double murder in for killing brothers Josh Davis and Terry Long. Williams is now recanting his confession, exclusively telling our Brigida Mack, he didn't do it.

Six months after Salisbury teenager Erica Parsons was reported missing, the FBI is adding another $25,000 to the reward money to find her. Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Tonight at 11:00, our David Spunt is talking to neighbors who say this case has changed their town in unimaginable ways.

The American woman known as "Foxy Knoxy," Amanda Knox, was convicted of murder for a second time in an Italian court. Knox spent four years in jail before she was acquitted of the charged with an appeals court ruled any DNA evidence on the murder weapon was tainted and inadmissible. Prosecutors weren't happy with that ruling, so they appealed and today got another conviction. Knox's attorneys say they will re-appeal to the Italian Supreme Court.

In my weekly Crime Stoppers report tonight, I've got exclusive video of a stick-up in a motel lobby. Police think the same crook robbed another Charlotte motel two nights earlier. I'll show you the pictures so you can decide if it's the same man.

We'll show you the first paint job of the new American Airlines, a merger between American and USAirways. Please join us at 11:00 in just a few minutes.