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A theft with a chilly twist

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Authorities in Caldwell County Thursday released the video tape of an unusual theft that took place in December at a local convenience store.

An undisclosed amount of money was stolen from the store after it had closed for the night but there was no sign of anyone breaking into the building. It turned out someone had come in just before closing and hid out in the store's drink cooler until everyone had left.

Surveillance video shows a man and a woman walking into the store before closing, then heading to the back of Q Express where the drink coolers are located. The tape shows the man checking on the door to enter the cooler, then he takes a step back and lets the woman he was with climb into it.

"She was dressed for it," said Detective Kim Britt of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office. "As soon as she got in, the guy bought a drink and then left," said Britt.

The woman, who authorities believe is Amanda King of Lenoir, stayed in the cooler for almost an hour before emerging and rifling through the cabinets under the cash register.

She was wearing a hoodie and that made it hard to identify her from the tape but authorities did get enough leads and did get a good enough look at her to arrest her on January 14th. They  identified her partner as 26 year old Daniel Lee Price. Both were charged with conspiracy to break and enter.

Amanda was also charged with larceny and breaking out of a dwelling. "That's a new one for me," said Britt. "Most times we have people finding a way in, this time it was finding a way out."

The two were jailed under $25,000 bond each. Sheriff Alan Jones says this case is a clear example of why all businesses should have at least one surveillance camera. "It is invaluable in helping us identify criminals who break into homes or break into businesses.

Investigators say without the surveillance video in this case, it is likely they would still be looking for suspects. 

Both Price and King have denied any involvement, said detectives.

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