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Clover parents upset school resumed Thursday despite icy roads


A group of Clover parents are speaking out after school officials decided to resume classes Thursday, while some of the city's rural roads were still covered with ice and snow.

Many school districts in WBTV's viewing area were closed and that adds to the Clover parents' frustration.

"I'm very frustrated," said parent Alicia McCarter.

McCarter and her 2nd grader, Molly, enjoyed a day off from work and school.

Just one problem, school was in session on Thursday.

After the Clover School District announced their schools would run on a two hour delay on their Facebook page, upset parents concerned about road conditions sounded off.

"I don't think that's taking any precaution or considering the safety of our children whatsoever," said McCarter.

"All it takes is hitting one piece of black ice. One little patch is all it takes to lose control," she continued.

WBTV checked several rural roads around Clover and, as McCarter feared, some of them were still covered with ice and snow.

Clover Schools District officials told WBTV they sent out crews late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The crews determined about 90% of their routes were clear, so they went on with school, but that didn't sit well with some parents.

"I don't think they took us into consideration at all. I think they just took a look at the main roads and that's all they're concerned with," said parent Kelly Christenbury.

WBTV checked with Clover Police to see if there were any weather related crashes Thursday morning and there weren't.

It's a slight relief for some, but not for McCarter.

She says she's now considering homeschooling her daughter after Thursday's decision.

"I worry what's going to happen the next time something like this happens," said McCarter.

Although she hopes it doesn't have to come to that.

Clover School officials say they have yet to determine a makeup day for Wednesday's school closings.

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