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Monday at 11: Charlotte's Web


It's called "Charlotte's Web". 

A cute name for a controversial drug made from marijuana. 

About 150 children are taking it nationwide. 

At least two are from Charlotte. 

It's illegal in North Carolina.

"My 7-year-old daughter Maddie now has these amazing things she can do with her hands," says Charlotte native Liz Gorman, from her now-home in Colorado.  "She's really using her fingers in ways she couldn't before."

Six weeks ago Gorman moved out of the Carolinas in order to get the medicine legally. 

So did Maria Cardona.  She drove her two kids from southwest Charlotte to Colorado Springs to get it for her 3-year-old son Luka, who had been having severe seizures since the age of five weeks.

"It wasn't a tough choice," said Cardona. "We have tried 13 different medicines, so why not?  Why not medical marijuana?"

Monday at 11, Anchor Molly Grantham travels to Colorado to go behind the stigma.  She'll show you the reality of a drug illegal in our state, the push to legalize this particular strain and the families moving 1500 miles away for what they call, "hope".

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