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'Nasty Boys' reunite, recount 1990 World Series


It was a matchup that heavily favored the defending champion Oakland Athletics. Four games later, the Reds swept the star-laden A's to become World Champions.

The Nasty Boys were key figures in the Reds' charge to the 1990 World Championship. Relief pitchers Randy Myers, Rob Dibble and Norm Charlton – collectively known as the Nasty Boys – proved to be a deadly combination in the bullpen.

It's been nearly 25-years since the three played together. Since the 1990 season, the Nasty Boys have made few appearances. On Wednesday, the trio reunited at LaSalle High School.

"Any time that Norm, Randy and I get together, especially as we get along in the years, it's cool just to hang out and go over stuff," says Rob Dibble. "You kind of forget a lot of the cool stuff that we did besides winning a championship."

Together, the Nasty Boys discussed what made that 1990 team so great. Dibble attributes the team's success to a sense of family in the dugout.

"Maybe there were more superstars on the Oakland A's or the Pittsburgh Pirates, but they weren't the same kind of family that we were," explains Dibble. "Most of us were home-grown guys. Most of us came up through the organization. We knew very well of the Big Red Machine and we had to prove ourselves."

Randy Myers says much of their success can be attributed to the trio's ability to step up in any given situation.

"We were three people that would take the ball whenever in the bullpen. We weren't afraid of any situation," says Myers.

"You don't want to be the weak link," adds Dibble. "You don't want to face those guys who are your family in the clubhouse. That's what made us better."

Norm Charlton credits their pitching style.

"We pitched inside and pitched inside with a vengeance," says Charlton. "That's the way the game was played back then."

Together, the Nasty Boys pitched 8.75 innings in the 1990 World Series. They gave up zero earned runs on six hits. Dibble and Myers were named 1990 NLCS Most Valuable players for their contribution in the bullpen.

Following the 1990 season, the Nasty Boys went their separate ways. Dibble remained with the Reds through 1993. After floating around to several different clubs, Dibble made his way to the broadcast booth. In 1991, the Reds tried Myers as a starter which proved unsuccessful. Myers left the Reds the following year. Charlton stayed with the Reds through 1992.

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