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City of Rock Hill, residents prepare for snowfall

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Snow is expected to stick in the southern part of our viewing area, including Rock Hill where crews are on standby.

The city of Rock Hill is preparing for any chances of snow, Tuesday, by filling their dump trucks full of sand.

"Our trucks are ready," said Rock Hill Interim Public Works Director Kevin Bronson.

Bronson says his men are ready to tackle anything Mother Nature throws at them Tuesday.

Meteorologists say the area could see several inches of snow.

Dump trucks full of sand and brine (a salt and water mixture) are ready to go if needed.

Bronson says residents' safety is a top priority, one the city takes very seriously.

"If they got to be on the road, we want to make sure the roads are safe as possible if they have to be out there during bad weather moments," said Bronson.

Retailers are also preparing for a rush of customers getting last minute snow gear, such as deicers and plumbing items to prevent busting pipes.

Tega Cay Lowe's Home Improvement store manager told WBTV, customers are wasting no time preparing for cold winter weather.

"A lot of them have been coming in real quick. With the cold weather, we've seen a lot of busted pipes. They're coming in real quick on that and that's been a lot of traffic around the plumbing items," said store manager Ben Patton.

"We're just getting some ice melts to put on our sidewalks," said customer Christopher White.

Customers like White say they're taking no chances ahead of the elements, he stocked up on supplies Monday.

As for the nearly 30 degree temperature swing between Monday and Tuesday, White says he's used to it.

"That's South Carolina weather for you buddy. It's warm one day and then be cold the next. Yesterday it was freezing out and now it's nice and warm," he said.

City of Rock Hill officials say they will continue to monitor the situation on an hour to hour basis.

If necessary, crews will be dispatched and begin prepping the roads a couple of hours prior to snow fall.

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