Keeping You Healthy: Married to Health

When we say "I do!" most nuptials include, 'in sickness and in health'.  We tend to focus a lot of making sure we're there for someone in sickness, but I met a Mooresville couple committed to the health aspect as well.

Mark and Sarah Rawls married 13 years ago and have been super focused on their wellness in the last 12 months.  The couple rises before their two children at 5:00am and get right to their workout.  They use a video trainer to push them on, but more importantly they push each other!  "With working out together it gives us a chance to talk and share!  Being a married couple it is also an opportunity to catch up what happened at work what's going on with the kids," Mark told us.

Their dedication to wellness doesn't stop with sweat. After their 45 minute workout is done, they focus on nutrition!

They are super conscientious about what they're eating.  A protein packed shake helps kick start their day of eating.  "We try to focus on eating every two hours too because that helps metabolism and helps to avoid a lot of over eating," according to Mark. Sarah is in sales and usually eats lunch out with clients, while Mark packs lots of snacks.

This lifestyle of accountability to each other is what makes their workout and healthy living possible.  They set their goals together and work towards them together!  "We want to promote that to our family our friends and co workers!  That 45 minutes a day is less than two percent of your day," Rawls said.

But Mark says you don't have to be married to do what they've done. You can share this same kind of commitment with a child, a best friend.  "I think it does make a big difference if you have an accountability partner in working out whether it's a group your spouse it's definitely easier than doing it on your own!"

Rawls points out that the working out and healthy eating isn't just helping their physical appearances.  They're feeling the benefits all day!  " We feel happiness throughout the day and we are more focused and even our stress levels it helps us there!" Rawls said.

Always consult with a doctor before you decide to start a new workout routine and make sure you start it slowly!

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