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Snellville mayor sues own city council

Attorneys file suit on behalf of Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz Attorneys file suit on behalf of Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz

Attorneys for Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz filed a lawsuit on her behalf Friday afternoon in Gwinnett County Superior Court. The suit alleges that all five members of Snellville City Council, the city clerk, and city manager, collaborated to strip the mayor of her ability to execute the duties of the office.

"In essence we're asking the court to stop the members of council from acting illegally, to stop having secret meetings, to stop using her signature without authority," said Kautz's attorney Phyllis Miller. She spoke for Kautz, who was not available for interviews Friday.

"We're hoping that this being aired in a courtroom will once and for all resolve these issues."

Kautz accuses the council of keeping her out of their meetings, and locking her out of certain parts of City Hall. The suit also accuses city staffers of using Kautz's stamp signature without her approval.

"It's not a good situation. I'd be lying to you if I said it was," said Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witts, listed as a defendant in the suit.

"(We) didn't do anything wrong. All we did was follow the charter, make sure the charter wasn't violated, never had any secret meeting," said Witts. When asked if they ever tried to keep her out of their meetings, Witts did not hesitate with his answer.

"Absolutely not. That never happened. Of course not. It's illegal," said Witts. "We would not do that, and there's no proof we ever did."

The suit requests "relief" from the current circumstances at Snellville City Hall. Witts said he is not concerned about being found at fault in the suit.

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