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Brutal cold not keeping diners from restaurant week

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Frigid, freezing and just down right cold. Despite the arctic mass that's settled over the Charlotte area, uptown was buzzing Friday night.

The reason? The biannual Queen's Feast also known as Restaurant Week. Dinners get the chance to try more than a hundred restaurants across the Charlotte area, many of them upscale for just 30 dollars per person.

So you can see why Chastity Friday, of Charlotte, wasn't about to let the cold keep her from dinner reservations.

"It's freezing out here," she said. "I don't have gloves on but I'm happy to be out."

She was also surprised to see so many people, bundled up and braving the frigid temps.

"Like you said, when it's this cold, you're ready to get home and get in the house but it's a lot of people out," she said.  

Josie Stokes, a first-timer for restaurant week, also braved the brutal cold for the chance to try Chima's Brazilian Steakhouse.

"You can't beat 30 dollars per person," she pointed out. "I'm really excited about trying this place out."

The goal of the Queen's Feast is to get people to try restaurants they wouldn't normally frequent.

But Charmaine Nephew was out uptown for a different reason.

"We have a date with my grandson and we're taking him to dinner and then the hockey game," she said.

Her key to staying warm? Dressing in layers.

"I've got on a T-shirt, a sweater a coat, a scarf, a hat, gloves--my gloves are lined," she said, giving me the rundown of everything she had on.

Nephew also admitted this weather is downright balmy compared to where she was a couple of weeks ago.

"I spent two weeks ago in Grand Rapids, MI and it was like 11 below," she recalled. "So if you can do that, you can do this for sure."

Back to Friday, who isn't so sure and is already looking forward to warmer weather.

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for summer already," she said laughingly. "Not just spring but summer altogether."

Restaurant Week runs through Sunday. The next Queen's Feast is typically held in July.

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