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Parents still frustrated over Union Co. Schools reassignment plan

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Union County parents are still frustrated over the plan to redistrict and reassign about 5,800 students to deal with overcrowding at schools and growth happening throughout the county. 

Parents are concerned one plan deals with splitting up a community. Some students in the same subdivision would go to different schools. Parents say they didn't sign up for this. 

Parents say they chose that community based on the school their children would attend.

"You have to look at what it will do to property values," Parent Steve Komito said. "What it's going to do with morale."

WBTV asked Union County School Board Chairman Richard Yercheck about the parents' concern. Yercheck says he understands the frustration but says he has to think about more than the students living in just on subdivision.

"My job is to look at this from 42,000 kids and to look at 200,000 parents," Yercheck said. "And do the right thing and balance the right thing."

School board members say they are right now reviewing many options to address overcrowding. This includes building more schools, building additions to schools, adding mobile classrooms and other plans.

A new plan, presented at Thursday night's meeting between school board and parents.  Board members are looking at a plan called "Stay Where You Are until you Graduate." The plan would allow students to stay at the same school and move to a new school when they graduate from elementary, middle, and high school.

Parents believe this process is going too fast.  A plan will be decided in April and will take effect in August.

"It'll be nice to have at least a year to decide what we want to do," Parent Brian Howell said. "We could decide if we want our children to go to charter schools or public schools. By the time the school board decides, deadlines for those schools would have passed - if we were interested in Plan B."

Parents will have an opportunity to speak out about these plans at public forums happening in February and March.

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