Thursday at 11pm: The paint that could protect your home from fire

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Fire is hungry.  Flames move fast if they're able eat their way through your home.

One key to stopping fire is to put a barrier between it and the food it needs to survive.

Fire resistant paint promises to be that shield that protects the wood in your home from a hungry fire, but does it really work as well as the manufacturers claim?

We put one brand of fire resistant paint, made by a company called Contego, to the test.  Wait until you see the results.

Will it protect your home and buy your family more time to escape?  Will it give firefighters a little more time to get inside and save more of your home?

Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda worked with the Charlotte Fire Department and a local contractor to give you a surprising look at how fierce a fire can be and whether a thin layer of paint really can make a difference.

You can see a preview of her report here, and be sure to watch the full story, with some unbelievable video, on Thursday night at 11pm on WBTV.

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