Another cold wave

Have you thawed out yet? Probably not. And you may not for a while. Hi everyone this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. After morning temperatures near single digits, this arctic air mass is far from finished. Eric Thomas will tell us about another wave of cold headed south.

A Rock Hill father is jailed after accusations he shook his 7-week-old daughter to death. Our reporter Ashton Pellom is talking to police and neighbors about the tragic outcome.

Bad day on the street-- the Dow lost more than 310 points to cap the worst week in more than a year, as earnings and overseas concerns jarred investors.

Cannabis capitalism-- ever heard of it? In Colorado, there's a new type of tourism. For $240, you can go on a marijuana tour showing tourists how marijuana is grown, how paraphernalia is made, and of course, smoking.  Colorado just legalized the use and sale of pot.

And a Happy Birthday to little Mac. The first Macintosh computer from Apple debuted on this day, 30 years ago.

Please join Maureen O'Boyle, Eric Thomas and me for WBTV News at 5:00 in a few minutes from now!