It's REALLY cold...

Good morning! I hope you're reading this email from a very warm place. This is Christine Nelson with a quick first look at the stories making headlines this morning. And I mean QUICK!, I have a few more things to prepare before joining John Carter on the set.

My thermostat said 18 degrees as I was driving in to work this morning. Meteorologist Al Conklin has details on the freezing forecast today.

ALERT: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are on a 2 hour delay for Friday, January 24. Go to for the full list. There are A LOT of school districts either delayed or closed today.

We have details on what went down at the Union County meeting where parents are upset over the proposal to redraw school district lines.

Plus, the owner of a Charlotte daycare that caught fire with children inside is talking only with WBTV, recalling the terrifying moments.

I have to go now. Tune in!