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Man steals generator from lawn and garden shop

Kristie Shelley, Parts and Sales Manager Kristie Shelley, Parts and Sales Manager

Westover Lawn and Garden Employees say this man in the green shirt stole a generator worth thousands of dollars. Store employees say they were completely caught off guard during the theft, and now they've amped up security to make sure it doesn't happen again.  

This surveillance video shows a white GMC truck pulling into the parking lot of Westover Lawn and Garden shop on Westover Boulevard Monday afternoon. Employees say this man in the green shirt was in the store for more than 30 minutes looking at mowers talking to several sales reps about their prices.  

"He walked around the showroom asked questions, talked to three or four different people," said Kristie Shelley.    

As soon as the sales rep turns his back, the man makes his way over to the generators, picks one up and walks out the store with it.  

"He seen our backs were turned because we were remodeling, He walked out the door with the generator. Loaded it up and left," said Shelley.    

He got away with a $1200 Honda EU 2000 generator like this one. Shelley says they didn't notice it was gone until the next day. That's when she began reviewing store surveillance video.  

"We seen we was missing a generator, so we was like well let's just go look and we started thinking about who was here, who was looking around and that's when we seen he just walked right out the door with it," said Shelley.  

She says the man wasn't alone because he got into the passenger's seat of the truck before it drove off.  No one saw the driver.  

"On the passenger side the trim at the bottom was missing, black tool box," said Shelley.

Store workers put locks on all the generators and are working with police to try to catch the thief.    

"I'd like to catch him, I mean that's a brand new piece of equipment and don't want him to do it to anybody else," said Shelley.    

Albany police are checking pawn shops to see if the crook pawned the generator.  If you recognize the man in the video, you can all the business at 436-1507 or crime stoppers at 436-tips.

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