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Shelby family blames city for dirty water

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Angelica Haslam is afraid to bathe her children in the water that comes from her bathroom shower. She is also afraid to drink the water that comes from her kitchen faucet.

"Our water isn't yellow, it is brown," Haslam said.

Haslam tells WBTV she has contacted the City of Shelby several times for help. She claims they are denying responsibility for the dirty water.

"The city was trying to prove that we have galvanized piping and we didn't," Haslam said.

During our visit to the Haslam's home, Angelica showed us the PVC pipes under her house. The pipes appeared to be in good condition. When we relayed that information to Utilities Director Brad Cornwell, he said it is possible that there are galvanized pipes underground on the Haslam's property.

"Ultimately, from the meter up to the service line at the house, that is their private service line. If they want to or wish to change that is certainly up to them," Cronwell said.

The Haslams would have to pay to replace the pipes on their property.

Haslam does not believe that is the case.

"I never want to blame somebody for something that could be our fault, but it is not our fault," Haslam said.

She added that she is confident the galvanized pipes are on city property.

After WBTV's call to city leaders, they agreed to dig and inspect their pipes next week. Then, they will be able to determine if they are responsible for the dirty water.

"Basically, what we will do is look on our side of the meter to see if there is the potential for an old galvanized service there. If there is, we'll certainly change that out and re-service that. We want our customers to be happy," Cronwell said.

Cronwell told WBTV digging could begin on Monday.

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