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Jadeveon Clowney's agent threatens legal action over sub shop marquee

(Source: WHRI.com) (Source: WHRI.com)
Sign posted on Friday morning, referencing the possible lawsuit by Bus Cook. (Source: @Subguy) Sign posted on Friday morning, referencing the possible lawsuit by Bus Cook. (Source: @Subguy)

The owner of a Rock Hill sub shop could face legal action for a witty phrase he posted on a marquee outside of his restaurant.

The Sub Station 2 billboard on Cherry Road in Rock Hill always sparks conversation, but the agent for a former high school football player is threatening legal recourse.

A Mississippi man claiming to be Jadeveon Clowney's agent says the latest phrase needs to come down.

Charlie Ruffalo put the phrase "Hurry in for our Jadeveon Clowney sub, it goes really fast" on the marque a couple of weeks ago.

Clowney is a former South Pointe and Carolina Gamecock football star who will enter into the NFL Draft this year.

Ruffalo says it was simply a play on words in regards to Clowney's two recent speeding tickets.

He says the restaurant does not have a sub endorsed by the football star, but if it did, he bets "it would go fast in sales."

"I've been doing this business for twenty-something years," said Bus Cook, with B.C. Sports Agency said when he spoke to WRHI in Rock Hill on Wednesday.

"I've never known people to arbitrarily and openly take somebody's name and use it for their benefit without getting permission. And that's what this is."

Ruffalo said Cook threatened to file an injunction to get the sign down.

"I explained to him, 'If you want to spend the time, effort and money of your client to take it down, I'll do it for free - if you are a nice guy'," Ruffalo said.

Ruffalo believes the marquee is protected under his First Amendment rights, but is planning an alternate message for the sign.

On Friday, Ruffalo tweeted a photo of the new sign that he posted outside his resturant, which says "Owner on the lam til Monday hiding from the Bus."

No word on what Clowney thinks about the sign or the possible lawsuit.

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