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Springfield mom pushing for medical marijuana legalization


A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia could go before state legislators as early as this week.

It's news one Springfield mother has been waiting to hear.

"Just a little bit of normalcy of life for my child," said Nicole Rahn.

It's all Rahn wants for her daughter, 12-year-old Mary Grace. The Effingham County Middle School student suffers from epilepsy.

"Mary Grace takes lots of pharmaceuticals, 23 pills a day, requires a lot of sleep. She does go to school for a full day and then we go home and she wants to sleep, sleep, sleep. She has seizures daily, struggles to communicate. I mean,  her life is a struggle," Rahn said.

Mary Grace has failed all treatments and pharmaceuticals available to her, according to her mother. She has a nerve stimulator, has had brain surgery and has seen doctors in Savannah, at Duke University, and in Miami and Atlanta.

Nicole Rahn says her family's last resort is medical marijuana, but it's illegal in Georgia.

"We don't want legalization of recreational marijuana at all. We are looking to legalize the oil extracted from it," she said. "The children won't smoke it. It's an oil that is delivered to them through their food."

Now, momentum is shifting in the state capital and lawmakers may be looking at a bill this week to legalize medical usage.

Governor Nathan Deal said this week, "I'm not going to take a firm position on it. I think there is a strong case being presented by some of the families with very serious situations involving their children. I know the possibility of the general assembly beginning the hearings process has gained momentum."

The Rahn's truly believe having medical marijuana available could give them the relief and answers to the questions they constantly have.

"For 12 year's, I've known a child through drugs and and seizures and maybe I could know my child as just my child, as what the Lord gave me, as a gift, not all the medicines and struggles she goes through daily," she said. "A day without a seizure would be great."

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