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Frigid blast hitting the Carolinas

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Lori Marlow of Statesville braved the 20 degree weather in Blowing Rock on Monday. With the wind dying down, she sat on a park bench near downtown and  said the temperature wasn't so bad outside.

"As long as you sit directly in the sun and don't think about it." 

Marlow said she could stand the daytime temperature but didn't want to venture out Wednesday night.

Temperatures in Blowing Rock could be at or below zero by morning. In the highest elevations near Beech Mountain, the temperature will easily dip below zero.

"That is dang cold," said one man near Boone.

Highway crews took advantage of the somewhat higher temperatures during the day to keep clearing roads that were snow covered Tuesday night. The issue though will be the temperature overnight.

While main roads have been cleared and many are dry, secondary roads are still covered in places and will freeze up as the temperatures continue to fall. Even where salt has been spread the ice will linger.

"Salt doesn't work when it gets that cold," said one driver.

Crews will be out doing what they can, say officials, but drivers are urged to be autious and prepared.

Cars should have emergency supplies of blankets, some food, a shoven and some kitty litter to use for traction if needed.

Authorities also advise people to be sure their cell phones are charged in case they do get stuck and need help.

Law Enforcement officers on patrol will be on the lookout for stranded motorists, but they are advising drivers not to travel if they don't have to. 

"Whatever you do, be prepared, just in case," said one officer.

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