New tool to find out if you've been hacked

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From Adobe to Snapchat, Sony Playstation to Target, there are so many companies which have, of late, found themselves falling victim to cyber hackers.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says they're after as much of your personal information as they can get but they like your email address in particular.  It is attached to so many different accounts and it makes it easy for criminals to hack into many aspects of your life.@

Payton shared some important advice to protect yourself and your information:

1. Email accounts: You need more then one email account. Have one for correspondence with friends, family, and your kids' school; a separate one for social media; a single purpose address for online banking and sensitive transactions such as tax filing or healthcare.

That way a hack is not going to create a mass panic

2. Have a different password for every account.

3. When there is a hack, whether you believe you are impacted or not, immediately change that password

4. The continuous flow of high-profile data breaches are a problem for anyone wishing to stay secure. Every time I hear about another large-scale compromise, I cannot help but wonder if I had an account with them.

5. To see if your email address is believed to have been stolen during a data breach, go to   It was developed by a reputable security analyst. Keep in mind that it does not cover 100% of all breaches or 100% of emails compromised during a breach. But it's still a great place to check. You can register your email and ask to be notified if they find your email in a breach

Want to see an infographic of some of the recent major data breaches? Click here.

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