Hollywood power couple lets their faith lead them

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett stopped the WBTV studios today to chat about their new feature film "Son of God."

The couple had huge success with their mini-series 'The Bible'.

"We realized Jesus needed to be on the big screen," Burnett said.  The film is about the life of Jesus Christ.

To describe them as a 'Hollywood Power Couple' would be an understatement!

He is recognized as the creator of reality TV, started with Survivor and has had several big hits since then.

Downey was America's Angel in the long-running hit series, Touched By An Angel.  But the couple could not be more down to earth and approachable.

They even spent several minutes after their taping to take photos with WBTV staffers.

Here's a clip from WBTV News Primetime as they sat down with Maureen O'Boyle to talk about their faith, and why this project is so dear to them.