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Affordable housing vote for south Charlotte tonight; neighbors say no


Charlotte City Council is scheduled to vote on a controversial rezoning plan Tuesday night.

If approved, it would allow 70 affordable housing units to be built in south Charlotte along Weddington Road.

Neighbors say they don't want that type of housing in their community. They fear it will increase traffic on roads.

"There's a heck of a issue with traffic," Neighbor Richard Burroughs said. "I don't even take a right out of this neighborhood most afternoons because of the traffic."

Burroughs also believes affordable housing in his neighborhood could lower his property value.

"I think it decreases the home values somewhat." Burroughs said.

Neighbors are also concerned about how potential tenants will get around. Public transportation doesn't come to the part of Charlotte where the units will be built.

"I think it's short-sighted," Neighbor Richard Peterson said. "Why have something that people are going to be relying on - mass transit - and you don't have it."

Neighbors are fighting hard to protect their quality of life. Charlotte City Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes says this will be a challenging vote.

"I think we have to take every opportunity we can," Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes said. "To analyze where we build anything in Charlotte and I think the council is going to do that."

Barnes has seen the plans and claims this development is for the working class and not what neighors think.

"They are building for people who are entry level policemen," Barnes said. "Entry level teachers, firefighters who may not make a $100 grand but make enough to have a nice apartment."

Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are weighing in on this controversial vote. The district says overcrowding will happen if more housing is built. It wants to discuss the matter more in detail.

Barnes knows developers are running out of time. Building affordable housing has been tried before. If the vote fails tonight it may never happen again.

"If you look at the amount of land around," Barnes said. "It would be hard to envision someone else making this effort."

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