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Fundraiser for Kauffman's widow draws overwhelming support

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More than 200 bikers, most of the local community and even complete strangers who were touched by the tragedy showed up in Rowan County Saturday in support of Maryann Kauffman.

People packed the small Scotch Irish Fire Department, where Marco Kauffman volunteered, for a fundraiser for the man's widow and their unborn son.

Marco Kauffman was shot and killed after discovering someone trying to rob his home after returning from a trip in late November.

"My faith in humanity has been renewed," said Scotch Irish Fire Chief Trey Hoshall. "Most of these people don't know who Marcus Kauffman was they just know he was a firefighter. His life was ended early and they want to come out and help."

From paying for plates of barbeque to purchasing sweatshirts and T-shirts, money was being raised for the family Marco left behind.

"This is just very dear to my heart," said one of the more than 200 bikers who showed up with gifts to show support.

"We realized that Maryann was going to need help and that's when we decided to sit down and make this thing happen," said Hoshall, who organized the event.

Supports said they were amazed with the amount of people who turned out for support. At the fundraiser's peak, lines wrapped around the fire station..

"I want to support this family in anyway that I can," said Carolyn Melchor, who says she's prays for Kauffman's family on a daily basis.

And more than prayers, Hoshall says people all over the world have reached out to him to find out how to send money to Maryann.

Kauffman's widow says the outpouring of support at events like these and online has helped her through a tough time.

"I just feel his love through this all and all this support of everyone," said Kauffman, during an interview with WBTV on Friday. "It means so much to me and it is helped me so much and I just want people to know that, that I really do appreciate it."

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