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New Toyota FT-1 sports car revealed!

new Toyota sports car new Toyota sports car
N Charlotte Toyota Supra N Charlotte Toyota Supra

New Toyota FT-1 concept car revealed! 

If you love sporty vehicles, then you might be excited to learn that Toyota is in the process of creating even more sporty options for drivers to choose from! A whole new concept sports car has been revealed at the 2014 North American International Auto Show, and it's already receiving quite a bit of positive attention. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership was excited to learn about it, and we've got the details to share with you right here! 

Explore this sporty new Toyota concept car!

A lot of thought went into the development and design of this new Toyota, which we hope will make an appearance at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership in the future. It was designed in such a way that would make it hard for drivers to pass up, and we think that it definitely has a lot of stylish options to offer!

  • To begin with, drivers might notice this potential new Toyota sits a little bit closer to the ground. (Think of the Scion FR-S near Charlotte, and how its front-mounted flat boxer engine enables it to sit closer to the ground, which achieves a better sense of gravity. This way, the driver enjoys more control.) The designers of the Toyota FT-1 wanted this vehicle to have incredible aerodynamics, and also have the appearance of wind flowing over it. Talk about style!
  • Speaking of style, there are a lot of other fine-tuned details found on this concept car, too. In fact, some features might even remind you of the Toyota Supra! However, it also comes with some brand-new features and design elements. With a special retractable wing in the back, drivers can adjust to it to their preferences so that they can achieve the best aerodynamics possible! Have you noticed the color on this sports car, too? With its eye-catching red hue, and dynamic dark accents, the curb-appeal of this ride shouldn't be questioned. 
  • At Toyota of N Charlotte, we also noticed how stylish the interior of the new Toyota FT-1 is. If you've ever been inside a plane before and been able to visit the captain, you might notice a few similarities in terms of design. The interior of this new Toyota is designed like a cockpit! With features like a wraparound glass windshield and side glass openings, there are some exciting new features that this concept car has to offer. 

These are only a few of the highlights that this exciting concept car has to deliver, too. There's even more it has for drivers to enjoy, like a wrap-around display and high-powered engine!

Find a N Charlotte Toyota with sporty features today!

We can't wait to see if the Toyota FT-1 will be arriving at our dealership in the future, and what it will feel like to drive it! If you want to find a sporty car to enjoy today, you don't have to wait on this concept car! We have more than one Toyota that comes with sporty features, and don't forget about the new Scion near Charlotte we have for you to drive!

Want to check out the sporty options available today? Give us a call at (888) 883-3797, or stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road!


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