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Meriwether Co. School Board votes on Manchester and Greenville schools


The Meriwether County School Board has voted to combine some high schools and middle schools within their district.

Manchester High School and Middle School will be combined into one school. Greenville High School and Middle School will also be combined into one school.

Concern rose among the two communities about Manchester and Greenville being consolidated into one. However, each town will keep their respective schools with separate names and local buildings.  This will keep students across the county from having to travel further distances for school.

There was no additional discussion or public comment, and within five minutes of calling their meeting, the school board voted and announced their plan. 

Tonight's decision comes in place of sending all high school students to Manchester and all middle school students to Greenville.  

"Manchester High and Greenville High are rival schools.  So I'm thinking of safety with fighting and getting along a lot better," said Greenville parent, Katherine Stephens.

But not everyone was happy with the decision. 

"I don't feel like sixth and seventh graders should be going to school with eleventh and twelfth graders.  I don't think it should be mixed," said Greenville parent, Stephanie Bray. 

Bray also contends that Manchester has access to more educational resources, "When it comes to the county, the funds are not allocated fairly between Manchester and Greenville.  So with them not consolidating the schools, I feel like my children are being deprived of a greater education." 

The school board's decision to combine schools is an effort to save money in a year when they have a deficit.  The same number of buildings will close, but with the plan they voted for tonight, all of the students will stay in their same geographic areas. 

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