Goose fitted with prosthetic foot

What's good enough for the goose

INDIAN TRAIL, NC (WBTV) - Cosmo the goose made his way to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue more than a year ago, but his right foot didn't. It was severed after being caught in fishing line in a lake.

Rescue Director Jennifer Gordon sort of thinks of her animals as people, or at least they should be treated with the same dignity.

"Before he couldn't walk well the other geese shunned him so he's been alone and geese are very social animals," Gordon said.

Cosmo's case inspired rescue workers to come up with an idea. If a person can have a prosthetic made by man, why can't a goose?

"We tried a few different things, we used almost the equivalent of a toilet plunger," Gordon said with a giggle.

As innovative as that was, it didn't stay on for long. But Cosmo seemed to like the idea of having an replacement appendage, so the quest to get him a good one went big time.

"We ended up working with the Orthotics Department at Duke University and they built the prosthetic leg," Gordon said.

The leg is made from carbon fiber components and has been through many fittings for Cosmo. Just like prosthetics for people, they have to be fitted over and over until they're perfect. The one Cosmo tried on today isn't perfect just yet.

But what's good for the goose, is that he's found a home with humans who care enough to keep trying.

Gordon says as soon as his new foot fits just right, he can go and socialize with the other geese at the rescue, particularly, the ladies.

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