Brigida's Blog: Why the most important accountability may not come from you

Ugh. What a week. We're what -- three weeks into our TeamNoSugar 30 day challenge. But for some reason week #3, felt like week ONE.

I didn't want to workout, didn't want to log my food and I definitely would have promised my first born for some chocolate cake or french fries.

I've also said the people that have the most success on TeamNOSugar are self-starters, those who hold themselves accountable. And that's true. BUT sometimes the most important, most critical accountability doesn't come from you.

It can come from a family member, your spouse or significant other, a close friend.

This week, the accountability I needed to keep me on track, came from my trainer, Tracy.

I meet with her every Tuesday and Friday. But on Tuesday, the last place I wanted to be was at the gym with her. I laid in bed to the very last minute before finally pushing through and racing to the gym(thank goodness I didn't get a speeding ticket!).

Boy, am I glad I did! By the time our 30 minute workout was done, I was ready to go another half hour --and did. More calories burned, and a total 180 in my attitude!

So when you want to give in, don't. When you want that bread, those fries, that chocolate, DON'T. Step AWAY. Remind yourself why you're doing this. For me it's about being strong, healthy and of course looking baaaaad in my skinny jeans!

Oh, and just in case you can't talk yourself off the ledge, pick up the phone and reach out to the people in your life who are rooting for you. Let them help you be accountable to yourself. That's a far better feeling than that sickening one you'll get when you give in to that little devil-of-a-voice telling you to eat the thing you know you'll regret later.

I'm so thankful for the people in my life like Tracy. The ones that believe in me even when my belief in myself falters. The ones that remind me how far I've come. (Hello, August 2012 when I was nearly 250 lbs and more unhappy --and unhealthy-- than I have ever been).

The ones who remind me I'm strong enough to see this thing through and to never, ever, give up.

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