A driver surprise

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. You've probably seen movies or TV shows where someone breaks into a car and surprises the driver when they get in. That scenario happened to a pair of sisters with a frightening twist. A man got into their car early in the morning when it was still dark out. He popped up and demanded money. They screamed and fought him off. It's got neighbors in the small town of Kings Mountain very concerned.

A 13-year old girl we reported missing two nights ago, has been found safe and sound. Zacariya Cureton disappeared from her grandmother's home in Wesley Heights but police found her tonight in Uptown Charlotte.

NC health officials flu virus killed five more people last week. The state's total is now 27-- 22 of those people were younger than 65.

Have you every heard of a crook blasting his way into a business? Police have given me exclusive video of a burglar who used his gun to shoot out a glass window, then he reached inside the Cook Out Restaurant on Sardis Road North and opened the door. Once inside, he went straight to the safe and registers to steal all the cash. Police believe he's the same criminal who robbed a Cook Out in Denver in Lincoln County using the same method.

For most people, their pet is their family. Tonight, Brigida Mack is looking into a new smart phone app from the Red Cross which pet owners can use in case of a pet emergency.

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