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Help for your pet in the palm of your hand, new app from Red Cross


Any pet owner will tell you -- their dog or cat -- is just like family. When something happens to a member of your family -- even the four legged kind -- you need to know how to help right away.

Enter the Pet First Aid App from the American Red Cross. Unveiled Thursday, the goal is to put lifesaving information right in the hands of dog and cat owners so they can provide emergency first aid care.

That's why Nicole Odom, of Dogtopia in Charlotte, thinks the app is just the thing a pet owner need.

"Anything that helps make pets safer and gives pet owners a chance to be more responsible is a wonderful thing," she said.

A dog owner herself, Odom downloaded the app herself and said it was very user friendly.

"The information they gave you was really easy to understand," she said. "But they were also really up front about the things that need immediate veterinary care."

That's something she was glad to see because there are some instances -- say bloating or breathing problems -- that need more help than this app can offer.

"It's really not a replacement for veterinary care," Odom pointed out. "But it is a good first resource for you."

A resource that's a handy tool right in the palm of your hand that could help save your pet's life.

"Walking along, sniffing along and next thing you know a snake pops out and grabs them," she said. "I wouldn't necessarily know what to do. Having my phone on me, being able to look that up really quickly -- would be invaluable to me, I think."

The app also helps you locate pet-friendly hotels and find emergency pet care facilities with the "animal hospital locator".

Users can create a pet profile with tag I.D. number, photos, list of medications and instructions.

The app costs 99 cents and is available for both IPhone and Android.

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