Burglar blasts in

A judge rules against the parents of missing teenager Erica Parsons. Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Casey and Sandy Parsons' natural children will remain in the care of their grandparents. The court will re-visit the case in 90 days. Meantime, the Parsons are living under a cloud of suspicion as their adopted daughter, Erica, hasn't been heard from in two years. Last summer, Erica's brother alerted police she was missing.

Have you every heard of a crook blasting his way into a business? Police have given me exclusive video of a burglar who used his gun to shoot out a glass window, then he reached inside the Cook Out Restaurant on Sardis Road North and opened the door. Once inside, he went straight to the safe and registers to steal all the cash. Police believe he's the same criminal who robbed a Cook Out in Denver in Lincoln County using the same method.

Fake gift cards are circulating through the mail in the Charlotte area. It appears to be a gift card to Target or Walmart, but our cyber expert says beware-- there are red flags you need to know to avoid getting scammed.

Our weather has taken a turn for the chilly and Eric Thomas says it will stay like this for a while. His First Alert Forecast and all our breaking news, please join us at 5:00!