Snow preps

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Have you got your bread and milk? Eric Thomas is talking snowflakes for Charlotte tonight. It sounds like only a slim chance and we most likely won't see any accumulation, but the high country is a far different story. Snow is falling there, which is pretty typical of a mid-January day in the mountains.

President Obama visited NC State University today, brining news of a federal grant to create jobs. But the president didn't bring democratic Senator Kay Hagan, who stayed behind in Washington to cast votes during Senate proceedings. Republicans claim Hagan stayed to distance herself from her record of voting for Obamacare. Hagan faces a tough re-election challenge this fall.

There's no question Pope Francis is popular. And he's using his fame to help others. A Pope-signed Harley Davidson motorcycle is up for auction with all proceeds going to help the homeless of Rome.

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