Grieving mother: "I hope and pray no one has to go through this"

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Happening today: President Obama in NC

President Barack Obama has Carolina on his mind this morning. In a matter of hours he will be in the Raleigh area. What is the trip for? What will he be talking about in his speech? WBTV Astrid Martinez is live with the latest details.

We have been hearing from the family of Jonathan Ferrell, the unarmed man shot by a Charlotte Mecklenburg police office last September. We have new details this morning on the civil suit they filed. Make sure you're watching at 5:30. In that block, we'll have Chief Rodney Monroe's response to being named in the suit on camera response...

A hot topic: A federal judge strikes down Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriages. Details on what that means for homosexual couples who want to marry.

Plus! Getting help stopping a water leak was harder than one local resident thought. So he called on See, Click, Fix.

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