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Bluffton residents pack council meeting, noise issue discussed


It was standing room only at Bluffton's town council meeting Tuesday night.

Most of the people there showed up to voice their opinions about a new proposal that would limit outside noise in Old Town Bluffton.

Noise complaints have been an issue for the past year, with some Old Town residents saying the music coming from a few of the local businesses is too loud.

The town's planning committee put together a proposal that they say would solve the problem.

"The staff came up with an amazingly balanced, and I think, effective proposal," said resident Jacob Preston.

The proposal bans outdoor noise before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and after 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 

The proposal also states, during the hours that noise is allowed, it can't  be plainly audidble from property nearby or in the street. 

Residents like Julie O'Donnell said the proposal is too broad and will run businesses away.

"We've said that we want to attract business to Bluffton, well then by all means lets change the rules after the businesses get here," she said. 

The council did not vote on the propsoal Tuesday night.

The committee will review it and possibly make some changes, and then it will go before the council again.

Mayor Lisa Sulka and other council members say they hope everyone can come together and compromise, because the last thing they want is to hurt Bluffton's growth. 

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