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Project manager explains Pelican Lodge

Many are asking about housing for the thousands of out-of-town construction workers expected to arrive in Southwest Louisiana during the upcoming industrial expansion.

One part of the solution is expected to be the development known as Pelican Lodge. The plan is to provide temporary housing for around 4,000 workers.

It's been two months since Greenfield Logistical Solutions of Louisiana broke ground on Pelican Lodge. The 200-acre complex is northwest of Chennault International and near the intersection of Swift Plant Road and La. 397.

On Tuesday, project manager Sammy Pate told members of the local Propeller Club it will prevent problems.

"It's one thing to give someone a per diem and then they have to sleep in their car," Pate said. "We've been in a lot of places, we're currently in North Dakota, and other areas where the problem is they just don't have the space. You can have $500 to look for a room and there's nowhere to sleep."

For some, the description of a dorm- or apartment-type complex conjures up images of a labor camp. But Pate said the development, which is on land being leased from the Port of Lake Charles, is not that.

"The misconception is that people think about a man camp," Pate said. "In the industry, there are a lot of negative connotation you associate with a man camp. This is not a man camp. It will have sports fields, it will have accommodations, it will have a medical clinic and it will have full-time security. It'll have everything that a little town would have.

"The (Calcasieu) sheriff's department traveled to Canada and saw the camp we have there. They were more than happy. I believe it alleviated a lot of their concerns and a lot of problems they would have. It's not a prison, they can come and go as they need to."

Pate said the construction companies which employ the workers will pay for the housing. It will not be taken out of their salaries.

The complex will have the look of apartments but the feel of a college dorm, Pate said. 

You can read more about Greenfield Logistical Solutions HERE.

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