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Murfreesboro crimes down overall last year; break-ins continue

Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans

Murfreesboro police acknowledge there is more work to be done, but the latest statistics show most crimes in the city are on the decline.

It's also little comfort to victims of one type of crime in particular that keeps getting worse.

Murfreesboro resident Kyle Vari's truck and his wife's car were broken into last Wednesday.

"They just stole petty stuff," Vari said.

The crime against his family falls in one of the categories that saw a spike in Murfreesboro in 2013: larceny.

"My badge, handcuffs and iPhone were stolen," said Vari, a bail bondsman. "Out of my wife's car about $75 worth of gift cards were stolen."

Vari is now worried the suspect who stole his stuff and a neighbor's gun could use it to commit more crimes.

"Now that they got a gun, they now have everything to impersonate a law enforcement officer," Vari said.

Murfreesboro police released crime stats from 2013 on Tuesday, and, overall, crime was down 2 percent.

Rapes were down from 59 cases in 2012 to 38 in 2013, and there were three homicides in 2013 compared to four in 2012.

"We are going to continue working with our neighborhood partners, residents and businesses to continue our efforts to decrease crime," said Murfreesboro police spokesman Sgt. Kyle Evans.

Still, larceny cases jumped by 7 percent in 2013. And the largest crime increase was with arson, which had a 200 percent jump in 2013.

"To a victim, any crime is serious and is important to them, and we take it serious and it's important to us," Evans said.

Another area of concern for Murfreesboro police is traffic fatalities. Even though the number remained the same at nine, police would like to see that number reduced in 2014.

"By reducing the number of crashes, hopefully we'll reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on Murfreesboro's roadways," Evans said.

There have been nearly 20 car break-ins in Vari's neighborhood and a few surrounding ones in recent weeks. He's just hoping the crooks are caught before they do more than just break into vehicles.

"When are they going to break into someone's house?" Vari asked. "What if my wife and kids are there when they break into my house? What are they going to do?"

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