Hospital security guard brings smiles

Security and a smile

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - There's a strong chance not one single person has ever shown up at the emergency room, searching for a smile.

But an untold number of people find one, from the security guard at the front door.

Mike Ebalaroza has been with Novant Health's Huntersville Medical Center for 9 years. His claim to fame isn't just in keeping the peace, it's also in giving it away.

"You have to rejoice, because if you don't rejoice then you'll be sulking and you'll be sad and everybody around you will be sad," Mike says in between laughter.

You don't find that in most emergency rooms

And Mike brings something else you won't find in any emergency room. A guitar.

He came to Huntersville by way of Hawaii. It was there he sang back-up for Don Ho. Here, in his off time,his tour schedule runs a little closer to home and a lot closer to his heart.

Mike takes his beautiful voice and guitar or ukulele to area nursing homes and hospice care centers.

It's a gift, he can't help but share.

"It's a joy just to see them smiling. To see that light."

Where ever that gift may be needed the most.

Check out the video to hear Mike's gift.