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Police investigating after laser pointed at plane


Charlotte Mecklenburg police are investigating an incident at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. They said someone pointed a laser at a plane. It sounds like a prank, but it could lead to disaster. The federal authorities said they're taking this very seriously.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said lasers are a serious safety risk and can completely incapacitate pilots carrying hundreds of people to their destination. Thankfully, that did not happen in Saturday night case.

The FAA said Saturday night at 9:25pm a US Airways flight's pilots noticed a green laser aimed at them six miles away from Charlotte Douglas Airport. The pilots told CMPD they notified the FAA Tower. Luckily, no injuries were reported. But the FAA said lasers can be dangerous. It could temporarily blind a pilot.

And unfortunately they've noticed an increase in the use of lasers. It is a federal law violation to aim a laser into an airplane's cockpit. The maximum fine is $11,000.

The FAA said this past year nationally, there were 3,891 laser directed at plane events. Here in Charlotte there were 27.

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