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Sidewalk project could start moving

Charlotte City Council members voted unanimously Monday to award a contract to install a sidewalk on West Tyvola Road, nearly two years after two little boys were killed there.

Jeremy Brewton and Kadrien Pendergrass were hit and killed by the driver of a box truck in February of 2012. The father of the boys was walking them to daycare at the time of the accident.

Council member LaWana Mayfield helped spearhead the effort to accelerate the project. She says some sidewalk projects can take four to six years to complete. The sidewalk on West Tyvola Road has been fast-tracked.

One look at Heaven Sweat walking her three month old baby down the busy street, and it's clear how much the sidewalk is needed. Neighbors have worn a footpath in some parts along the roadside.

"It's dangerous, very dangerous," said Sweat. "Some people speed and don't pay attention," she said.

She thinks about the boys often when she passes by and wonders about the sidewalk  project. "It was a main priority. I think it should have been done a long time ago," she said.

The city wanted to put a sidewalk on West Tyvola Road before the boys died, but there was no funding available at the time it was identified. After the boys died, money was earmarked from another project which came under budget.

Construction will start soon and the sidewalk could be finished by November.

Mayfield says the process is longer than people expect. There were public meetings, surveys, land negotiations, and the bidding process – all things that must be done and take time said Mayfield.

In this case, she says, responsive neighbors helped trim some of the time.

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