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Over-charged taxpayers get payback


The Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor's office held a press conference Saturday discussing the first round of refund checks that were mailed out to over-charged taxpayers.

The refund checks are part of a 2011 property revaluation, where thousands across the county said they paid too much in property taxes.

"40 thousand appeals came in a very short time frame and the county staff, the plans that had been put in place, were just not able to respond to those in a timely manner," said Kenneth Joyner, County Assessor.

For many residents, their bill skyrocketed by hundreds - even thousands - of dollars over the previous year, thanks to a new revaluation done by the county.

Turns out, a large number of parcels of land had been assessed incorrectly.

To make sure this issue was properly handled, Governor Pat McCrory signed into law Senate Bill 159, which requires the property revaluations of 2011 to be redone.

The county hired Pierson Appraisal services to go out and review every parcel in the County. They are taking a second look at the valuation that the county had for 2011. They are recommending a new value on every parcel whether it's a decrease, increase or no change," said Joyner.

County leaders say those who were overcharged will be refunded the difference with a 5% interest rate.

The first wave of refunds was sent out Friday.

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