Mooresville mayor attends Banshee premier, thrilled season 2 shot in town

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Fans of the Cinemax drama Banshee filled an uptown Charlotte theater on Thursday night.  They were getting a first-look at the first episode of the new season about to premier on the cable TV network.

Just a few feet away there was a hidden "red carpet" where celebrities and local officials alike walked the gauntlet of reporters hoping to get some scoop on the new season.

Walking the red carpet was Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins.  Much of the show is shot in and around Mooresville.

"Our whole community has gotten really involved in watching the show and you see all parts of town you know.  We're loving it," the Mayor told WBTV.

He says crowds form when big production scenes are shot in town.  Plus, a piece of the fictional town of Banshee is turning heads in the real Mooresville.

"They moved one of the sets from south Charlotte into Mooresville.  Its called Miles Diner.  It is from one of the original scenes in teh show when the Sheriff meets the Mayor.  Well now they moved the diner to Mooresville and it looks so real that people knock on the door trying to go in and have something to eat," Atkins said.

When asked if he would be doing a cameo on the show anytime soon, Miles said he's happy behind the scenes.

"Fans who know the show know that Mayors don't always fare well in Banshee so maybe I'll just stay behind the camera," he said.

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