ALERT: Bearable morning temps but prepare for wet commute

Hello! It's Christine Nelson. It's January 10. I'm so excited for this #blackfriday! Yeah, that's right...the morning crew is wearing black today to support the Carolina Panthers before they take on the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs Sunday! WBTV News This Morning is live on the air now with these headlines!:

Weather alert: It was rainy when I drove in to work this morning and you'll likely encounter the same conditions when you leave for work or school this morning. Meteorologist Al Conklin is the best in the business. He's going to let you know where the rainfall is as we go through the morning. Of course, Sammi Jo Francis will have details on how the commute is being affected.

Flu deaths: There have been 5 more deaths in North Carolina as a result of the flu! This all happened in the past week. Our Astrid Martinez has details on the age of the victims and what doctors are urging people to do to protect themselves.

VIDEO ALERT: A brazen attempt to rob an ATM has been caught on tape. Police want us to show you the video in case you can help solve the crime.

As I first mentioned, we're a couple days away from seeing the Panthers take on the San Francisco 49ers. We have access to the Panthers locker room and spoke with some of the players as they prepare for the big game. Sammi Jo has details on what the team is saying about how ready they are for the matchup.

I have to go now...I'll be joining John Carter in a few minutes for the start of our 5 a.m. hour of WBTV News This Morning.

See you then!