Arctic cold, now flu

First the arctic cold, now the killer flu.

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. The Polar Vortex is gone but H1N1 is here and it's killing more younger and middle aged people than ever before. There've been five flu deaths in the past week, 21 total in North Carolina this season. And 19 of those were people under the age of 60. Doctors tell our Brigida Mack there's something you should do to prevent influenza.

We've got surveillance video tonight of thieves who've been knocking off convenience stores in the area, stealing ATM's. Police want you to help them stop the crime spree.

An army veteran, injured while serving in Iraq, was denied entrance to a Mooresville restaurant because of his service dog. Today, we followed Benjamin Wardrid, his dog, Beau, and a bevy of supporters, including a couple police officers, as they tried to eat at the Hibachi Grill and Buffet. This time, they were seated, but the owner refused to talk with us.

Former pro wrestler Ric Flair's agent reports he's getting death threats after declaring his allegiance to the San Francisco 49ers and giving the team a pep talk before last week's victory. Flair does not plan to attend this Sunday's playoff game in Charlotte.

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