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Panthers playoffs run has uptown businesses seeing green


Bars and restaurants in uptown Charlotte are gearing up for Sunday's Panthers playoff game. They're hoping the excitement building across the city gives them an economic boost.

Matt Chipley, bar manager for the new Mellow Mushroom in Center City says they're excited about the big game.

"I'm expecting it to be crazy busy," he said. "Especially if we win, this place will be nuts."

They just opened on South Church Street three weeks ago. Since then Chipley, says they've gotten a crash course in what big events uptown mean for their bottom line.

"We had the Belk bowl a couple weeks ago and New Year's Eve and we were just non-stop," he recalled. "People out the door waiting until 12 o'clock."

That means a full staff ready for a full house.

"Sunday is our busiest day of the week hands down," said Chipley. "Especially when there's a home game. And Panthers in the playoffs, you have to have everybody -- your A-plus game. You gotta bring it. We'll be ready for it."

It's the same at veteran sports bar, Picasso just up the street where Katy Van Hoy, a shift manager, told WBTV, "we're expecting it to start packing in right when we open."

They open at 10-am for home games and she says their ready for a big crowd, too.

"We've got like everyone on staff working," Van Hoy said. "All hands are on and we're probably going to be running elbow to elbow but we're really excited."

Back to Chipley predicts that excitement will translate to plenty of green especially with their prime location.

"A block away, it's right behind us," he said. "I mean, we'll take as many people as we can until the fire marshal kicks us out."

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