Adios Polar Vortex

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Say adios to the nasty Polar Vortex. Warm air is right around the corner as our record chill departs to the north. Eric Thomas is looking ahead to a weekend of both rain and spring-like temperatures in time for the Panthers playoff game Sunday.

In Boone this afternoon, a grand jury has convened after three people who stayed in the same motel room, all died from carbon monoxide poisoning. An older couple were the first victims. Two months later, and 11-year old boy also died after staying the same room. Authorities blame a pool heater for the high levels of carbon monoxide entering the room directly above the pool. Tonight, we expect to hear from the district attorney about possible criminal charges.

We just got some crazy video of a can hitting black ice and flying off a freeway overpass. When you see this clip, you'll wonder how on earth the driver survived such a drop.

And, have you every heard of bitcoin? It's a type of on-line currency that some hate and some love. Our cyber expert Theresa Payton says it's a new technology that you really have to pay attention to.

Please join Maureen O'Boyle, Eric Thomas and me for WBTV News at five in just a few minutes from now!